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Meet the Staff: Logan Chapman

by Megan Bevins, Staff Writer

Logan Chapman at the New River Gorge

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Logan Chapman, graduate assistant for Climbing Programs & Guided Trips, simply responded with one word: “Everything.”

Chapman is currently obtaining a Masters of Public Administration at WVU. When deciding to attend graduate school, he noticed that a climbing wall position was open with Adventure WV. 

“Every job that I was looking for or applying for either wanted me to have more experience or more education, and I knew that with an assistantship I could get both experience and education simultaneously,” said Logan Chapman, Graduate Assistant for Climbing Programs & Guided Trips. 

He applied for the role, interviewed and was offered the opportunity to be a GA.

Describing himself as a “jack of all trades,” Chapman mentioned his interest for experience beyond just climbing. 

“I’m an outdoor professional. I climbed [a lot] in undergrad. That was like my primary outdoor sport, and I worked as a climbing site manager,” Chapman said. “Knowing that the role was going to be broad instead of only climbing really interested me.”

Logan Chapman climbing at the rock wall at the Student Recreation Center

He added: “I don’t really like specializing, so having that variety thrown into my work, I think it keeps it interesting and allows me — well, kind of forces me to — to think creatively.”

Chapman says that working with Adventure WV has allowed him to broaden his skills to scheduling, planning, organizing and more. One of his biggest — and proudest — new responsibilities since beginning his role has been working with guided trips, having a hand in expanding the guided trips program from just First-Year Trips for freshmen to all kinds of outdoor adventures inside and outside W.Va. 

He uses Adventure WV’s upcoming trips to New England and Utah as an example.

“While I’m not directly supervising [Guided Trips], just having a hand in it, I think, has been extremely fun and rewarding because there hasn’t been a ton of major changes happening in Adventure, as far as I’m aware of. Just being a part of the new program is awesome,” Chapman said.

Logan Chapman whitewater kayaking

Working alongside Adventure WV professionals has taught Chapman valuable skills for the future, such as time management and leadership, he said. His supervisors support him through the good and bad in learning how to be a manager. 

As far as the work environment goes, Chapman says that Adventure WV is warm, welcoming, and respectful of the needs of their student employees. 

“It’s a great community and everybody here loves their job, and I think that makes for a very positive work environment.” Logan Chapman

Logan Chapman hiking

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Megan Bevins is a staff writer for the WVUGo marketing and communications team. She is currently a junior at West Virginia University obtaining a B.S. in Journalism. She hopes to work as a news reporter after graduation.

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