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Farmers Markets Tie the Community together, with taste and summer

farmers market vegetables
Written by: Hannah Morgan | WVUGo Media - Copywriter/Editor
Photography by: Hannah Morgan

Summer time. It’s the time of the year when the air is fresh and the food is even fresher!

No more driving to Kroger and trying to find the most unprocessed, crisp food that didn’t get damaged from the thousand mile ride. It’s time for the farmers market- where everything came from the gardens of your own neighbors.

Do you want the most mouthwatering, organic orange carrots, juicy tomatoes, sweet peppers or fresh eggs? You won’t find them at Kroger, Aldi’s or Walmart. You’ll find them at your local farmers market. Don’t know where to find one? No worries. This website can show you where all the nearby markets are by using your zip code.

Today, I visited one just outside of Morgantown on Grafton Road. It was a hot, fine day and everyone was out looking for their next produce purchase. It was my first real farmers market experience, and now I think I’m addicted.
Grafton Road Farmers Market

Booths were set up along the walkway, with farmers, bakers and craftsmen waiting for anyone to stop by and check out the food and arts from the Appalachian mountains.

I knew the vendors would have the best produce around, but I wasn’t expecting the price that came along with it. I thought I would be paying more than supermarket prices, but I came out of the farmers market spending a low-cost and reasonable amount. It was amazing!

Organic Produce from farmers marketBut I wasn’t the only one thinking this. In fact, Vermont Price Study found that farmers market prices were usually lower than those found at supermarkets. So, farmers market goers can find raw, unprocessed produce that hasn’t been pumped full of fake fillers for less than Kroger or Aldi’s.

It’s truly a win-win situation for both the
Organic Carrotsconsumers and producers. Not only are you buying farm-fresh products at a low cost, but you’re also helping your local farmers- maybe even your neighbors. After today, I now understand the importance of supporting farmers markets. I bought food that looks crisp and that my body will thank me for.

In an article by WVNews, I learned that there were only a little over 30 farmers markets in West Virginia in 2005. Today, there are over 100 and growing.

So next time your fridge looks a little plain and in need of some vibrant veggies, be sure to check out your local market. Who knows what food, arts and stories you could take home!

About the Author

Hannah Grace Morgan is a part of the Writing/Editing Team for WVUGo. She is a senior studying journalism and political science. Hannah is from Oceana, West Virginia where the closest stoplight is about an hour drive away. Hannah has written for the Daily Athenaeum, WV News, the Register-Herald and now for WVUGo.

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