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It’s a way to get ready to succeed at WVU and make a difference in yourself – after spending time in the beauty of West Virginia with new friends.

FYTs are all about making connections with other students and learning from expert upperclassmen leaders.

Trips come highly recommend by participants.


of participants recommend the program to other incoming WVU students


of participants give their trip a grade of A or B


of students said their trip met or exceeded their expectations

Choose a trip from our three outstanding models

A person wearing a red backpack taking a picture of three people standing together on a rock with the New River Gorge Bridge in the background.


Participants on QUEST trips have the opportunity to sample an exciting array of adventure activities from a central, basecamp location.

Activity Highlights

All Quest participants will engage in rock climbing, challenge course elements, whitewater rafting and will give back to the local community.

Where do you stay?

Basecamp with rustic cabins

Trip Length

5 days

People walking across a rainy wooden bridge in the forest of Black Water Falls.


Participants on EXPLORE trips will enjoy a smaller group experience, more time in the great outdoors and a sense of challenge and accomplishment, while visiting some of the most popular places in West Virginia.

Activity Highlights

All Explore participants will learn the basics of backpacking while traveling through a pristine area of WV. Explore trips will conclude with whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge.

Where do you stay?

Combination of tent camping & backpacking

Trip Length

6 days

A person waving at the camera standing in a group of other zip-liners waiting on a tree platform.


Participants on ODYSSEY trips will travel all around the great state of West Virginia, while trying their hand at some of the most outstanding adventure activities the state and surrounding area have to offer.

Activity Highlights

All Odyssey participants will travel around West Virginia, engage in a variety of aerial adventures, try out rock climbing and experience whitewater rafting.

Where do you stay?

Combination of tent camping and rustic cabins

Trip Length

6 days

FYTs are designed for beginners.

No previous experience
expected nor required.

A lot of students are “on the fence” about whether trips are “for them.”
Check out what past participants said about their trip:

"All of these new relationships helped me move from high school to college extremely well, because I knew that we would all still hang out with each other when we got to school. I had never clicked so fast with a group of people, and I knew that they would be in my life for the long run, and I am excited to experience this new chapter with my new best friends."

"Everyone was kind of nervous and uncomfortable when the trip started. But as time went on, we all became friends and got to start our college experience together. This really gave us an advantage for the other students that may have done just regular move-in. It gave us a head start on our new friendships and our college experience."

"I was at peace, the only person awake in the entire campsite, drinking in the beauty of the world around me. The last few days had been my favorite days of my entire summer, as the people I was surrounded with were constantly smiling, happy and accepting of the person I am. I came into the program terrified of college and exited with my arms around 16 of my new closest friends, ready to tackle whatever came our way."

All First-Year Trips are
similar at their core.

No experience required or expected

All technical and camping equipment is provided

Trips are $95 or less

Earn 1 Fall College Credit

Focus on building lasting friendships and community

Engage with our impactful curriculum

Mentoring from upperclassmen peer leaders