Meandering Mountaineers

Gorge-ous: Exploring the New River Gorge

Written by: Joseph Deal | WVUGo Copywriter and Editor

In 2005, my family attended the unveiling of the new West Virginia state quarter at the capitol building in Charleston. The governor gave a speech, meaningless words to a seven-year-old ginger in the scorching sun, and then the crowd ooh-ed and ahh-ed as they received sparkling state quarters. The quarter prominently featured the New River Gorge Bridge. All I felt was confusion, and a little bit of anger. How could these people be so stupid? The quarter didn’t feature anything from West Virginia, just some silly bridge. In my seven-year-old arrogance, I had assumed that every geographic location that I had never seen was outside of West Virginia. I had not seen the New River Gorge Bridge yet, much to my later derision.

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