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  • Nathan Harlan

    Executive Director | Office of Student Wellness

    (304) 293-9650

    Nathan Harlan is a graduate of WVU’s Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources program and Geneva College’s Higher Education Program. Combining the fields of the outdoor education and higher education have been the focus of his professional career which has encompassed both institutions.

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  • Marion Holmes

    Director | Adventure WV

    (304) 293-8503

    Marion grew up in Massachusetts and spent as much time as she could exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire. After college, where she worked as an outdoor program leader and majored in the History of Science, she worked seasonally for outdoor programs in New Hampshire, California, and North Carolina, before eventually returning to graduate school for outdoor education at the University of New Hampshire.

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  • Coy Belknap

    Assistant Director | Adventure WV | Outdoor Education Center

    (304) 293-7136

    Coy Belknap, a native of Burnsville WV, has been working in the field of experiential and adventure programming since 2007. Growing up, Coy spent much of his time exploring rolling hills of central West Virginia. After obtaining his first degree in Recreational, Parks and Tourism Resources from WVU in 2009, Coy completed his graduate work in 2011.

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  • Brett Hagerty

    Assistant Director | Adventure WV | Outdoor Recreation Center

    (304) 293-5076

    Brett Hagerty, a Morgantown WV native, has a great deal of passion for his home state and the Appalachian Mountains. He enjoys planting trees as well as climbing them and sometimes cutting them down. Brett is rather good a creating wood sculptures and building stone walls. His favorite outdoor activity is paddling on both whitewater and flatwater rivers.

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  • Kelly Keifer

    Senior Office Administrative Assistant | Adventure WV

    (304) 293-7179

    Originally from Florida, Kelly considers West Virginia her home. She has traveled all over the world and still believes West Virginia is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. She enjoys playing outside and never tires from the endless opportunities to do so in our state. The other reason she calls this state her home is the people. West Virginians are friendly, kind, helpful, sincere, and hard working. What better place could someone call Home?

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  • Matthew Shreve

    Multimedia Specialist | Marcom | Adventure WV and Campus Recreation

    (304) 293-7407

    Matthew is a graduate of WVU's Business Administration and Physical/Health Education programs. Born with an innate sense of wander and curiosity, Matthew has sought distant horizons and new experiences, while always calling West Virginia home. With a passion for adventure and community, Matthew seeks to help inspire and guide others to discover their passions, values and purpose. Matthew uses multimedia storytelling to help spread the powerful stories of positive and inspiring programs, individuals and events.

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  • Marcedes Minana

    Program Coordinator | First-Year Trips

    (304) 293-7117

    Marcedes is a proud student of the “school of life” (a term she uses to reference the various informal experiences that shape us as humans) and chooses to pursue life with a curious and adventurous spirit. She has a passion for connecting with people and values the opportunity to learn their stories – believing that we all have a story that matters.

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  • Patricia Chan

    Program Coordinator | First-Year Trips

    (304) 293-1369

    Originally from New England, Tricia earned her Master of Science in Kinesiology: Outdoor Education from the University of New Hampshire, and has been involved with outdoor and adventure leadership in higher education for over twelve years.

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  • Shannon Arbogast

    Program Coordinator | Outdoor Education Center

    (304) 293-1366

    A mountaineer at heart and 3-time West Virginia University alumna, Shannon grew up in Morgantown with a passion for all things outdoors and adventure. Whether camping with her family, building forts in the backyard, or playing out on the soccer field, being outside was big part of her childhood.

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  • Andrew Walker

    Program Specialist | Logistics | Adventure WV

    (304) 293-1370

    Growing up in Massachusetts, Andrew spent most of his young life exploring the wilderness areas and ski resorts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. An avid outdoor enthusiast he decided to move to the Mountain State in 2002 and earned his degree in Political Science and History from WVU.

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  • John Greene


    (304) 293-1367

    Growing up in Appalachia John Called southwestern Virginia home until leaving to earn a B.A. in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education from Brevard College in Western North Carolina. After several years working for programs offering recreational, educational, and therapeutic outcomes across much of North America John returned to Appalachia to pursue a M.S. in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources at WVU.

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