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Mission and Values

Adventure WV Mission Statement

The West Virginia University Adventure WV Program strives to foster personal growth, leadership development, social responsibility and student success through adventure-based and experiential education programming.

The following values guide the Adventure WV mission:

  • Integrity: AWV programming aligns with these core values and with the values and mission of WVU. AWV staff sets high expectations for themselves and adheres to these expectations.
  • Student-centric: AWV programming primarily serves WVU students; programming is either directly for students or has an indirect, yet traceable, benefit to students.
  • Community and collaboration: AWV fosters a positive community among its staff and participants, contributes to a positive WVU culture and engages the WVU community in programming and projects.
  • Challenge: AWV programming encourages participants and staff to stretch their comfort zones; challenge in novel environments is core to positive outcomes in adventure education.
  • Quality and professionalism: AWV programming and staff align with and/or exceed industry standards of outdoor and adventure education and higher education administration.
  • Adventure: AWV staff seek to be innovative in meeting the needs of WVU students and community. AWV programs contain elements of fun, learning and openness to outcomes.