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Indoor Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is 50 feet tall and features more than 2,000 interchangeable hand-holds with more than 3,500 square feet of climbing surface. The wall features include crack climbs, overhangs, dihedrals and arêtes which allow for a wide range of climbs, from beginner to advanced. There is also a bouldering cave and a low angle slab wall that will challenge even the most accomplished climbers.

Climbing Wall PRograms & Events

Located in the Student Rec Center, the Climbing Wall home to a variety of programs and event each semester.

Belay Classes At Climbing Wall

Belay Classes

These 90-minute class is designed to teach you the skills needed to belay at the WVU Climbing Wall.

Explore Upcoming Belay Class Options
Aerial Aerobics at Climbing Wall

Aerial Acrobatics

These sessions include both introductory and intermediate classes at the WVU Climbing Wall. 

Explore Upcoming Aerial Class Options

Climbing Competitions

Open to all WVU students, faculty, and staff, Adventure WV hosts a variety of bouldering and top-rope competitions each year. To browse our competition dates, and to learn more about registration details, follow the link below.

Next Competition: Mountaineer Top Rope | April 7th

WVU Climbing Wall Competitions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do at the climbing wall?

The wall features bouldering, top rope climbing, belay classes and hosts special events such as competitions.

What do all of these terms (bouldering, top rope, belay, SPORT) mean?

Bouldering is climbing without a harness or rope, but staying close to the ground and using padding to cushion falls.

Top Rope Climbing is climbing with a harness and rope, where the rope is secured at the top of the wall, where you can climb to the top while being belayed by qualified individuals.

Belaying is the act of holding the rope so that if the climber falls, the belayer stops the climber from descending.

Sport Climbing is climbing to the top of the wall with the assistance of a belayer.

For more details or explanations of other climbing terminology, please check out our page about Types of Climbing

How to do climb? Do I sign up?

Bouldering is open anytime the Student Recreation Center is open. If you need climbing shoes, you can check them out from the front desk with your WVU ID.

Top Rope Climbing is available on weeknights (Monday through Friday) from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

If you would like to learn how to belay, you can sign up for our  Belay Classes via WVUGo.

Special Events are hosted periodically, check our Competitions and Special Events page for details!

Who is eligible?

SRC Patrons and Sponsored Guests.

As with the Student Recreation Center, children under the age of 15 must be under direct adult supervision.

Do I have to do anything other than swipe in at the Student Recreation Center?

For bouldering please also swipe in at the wall

For roped climbing, our staff are available to assist with belaying you to the top of the wall during our open rope hours. If you have interest in learning to belay yourself, we offer 90 minute workshops, available for registration through WVUGo.

Belay classes and special events typically have a fee which you’ll pay during registration.

Do you have equipment? Can I use my own?

All equipment is free to rent while at the wall! This includes, climbing shoes, harnesses, helmets, and chalk bags. You may also use your own equipment once checked by a staff member. You must use the provided ropes and belay devices.

Are there other rules?

Yes, please refer to our Climbing Wall Rules page.