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Communication & Registration Checklist






It Off!

After your registration is confirmed

Visit our registered students page to access and review important information for your specific trip. This includes a sample trip itinerary, a detailed packing list, and other important information for your trip!

Especially note your program check-in and departure times/places on the itinerary. There's also additional information regarding travel & lodging, billing & cancellation, and more on our FAQs Page.

If you need lodging on-campus before your trip, reserve ASAP. You can make a reservation by calling 304-293-2790.


Upon registration

Be sure you have your MIX email account set up and that you regularly check this account – all correspondence from AWVFYT will be sent there! 


May 2023

You’ll receive an email from AWVFYT reminding you of your program start/end times and places and other important details about your trip.


Summer 2023

During your virtual advising appointment, work with your advisor to register for WVUe 188 – Adventure WV (the 1 credit option associated with your FYT). Adventure WV staff do not have the ability to register you for the course so it’s imperative that you work with your advisor!   

Note that details about the course registration will be emailed to you in advance.


Prepping for your trip

Review the packing list found for your trip and gather all the clothes and equipment you’ll need for your trip. Be sure to note which equipment AWVFYT provides. 


2 weeks prior to your trip


You’ll receive another email with reminder details for your trip, including parking instructions if you are driving yourself. You may also receive a call from an AWV Staff to discuss any questions or clarifications about your medical or dietary information listed on your Participant Information Form.


Arriving for your trip

Show up on-time to your check-in location and have a great time on your trip!


During your trip

Should any medical or other concerns arise during the trip, an AWV staff member will be in touch with your emergency contact(s) provided on the Participant Information Form.

*AWVFYT is a cell-phone free experience. Staff carry cell phones and/or satellite phones in the “off” position to be used in emergencies only. 

*During your trip, Adventure WV has a designated “On-Call Coordinator” who is available 24/7 to respond to program emergencies. If your parent/guardian must be in touch with you during your trip, they may call this person at 304-290-3734. This number is only to be used for emergencies.


Directly following your trip

Your parent/guardian will receive an invitation to complete a survey (students will complete a program evaluation while on the trip).

Any additional information will continue to be communicated through your MIX email.


Early July 2023

Charges will be posted to student accounts in early July.  Charges are due by August 1. 

*Students who receive the Pell Grant will receive the $95 charge to their account but will be credited $95 following full participation in the trip; this credit will be applied to the student account prior to the end of August.* 

For questions about AWV charges, contact AWV.  For questions on how to pay, contact the Office of Student Accounts:



* Look for emails from,, or other addresses