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Billing & Cancellation

Billing & Cancellation

The only cost, for any of our programs, is the non-refundable commitment/processing fee of $95. Students who qualify for additional financial assistance AND complete the summer portion of our programs will have that fee removed from their student account in early August. Programs are all-inclusive: food, transportation, lodging, etc. After you register for a program, the processing fee will be applied directly to your student account and posted in early July of 2023. Adventure WV does not accept payment in any other form. Hence, you will pay for this fee at the same time you pay for all of your fall courses. The $95 fee will appear on your fall billing statement as: MAVO (ADV WV Trips). You will receive an email to your MIX address from the Mountaineer Hub, if you have balance due after financial aid and scholarships, are applied.

You can access your Student Account via STAR, which is accessed via To learn more about Student Accounts, how to access your account, and how to pay, please visit

If you need to cancel your program for any reason, you must do so through the system in which you registered for your trip.  If you withdraw from WVU, you MUST STILL cancel your program--withdrawing from WVU will not automatically cancel your program.

To cancel:

  • Log in to the website. 

  • Go to the “My Trips” tab. 

  • Select your trip. 

  • Select “Withdraw Registration” to cancel your trip. This is the only way to cancel. Cancellation will not be accepted by phone, email, letter, etc. 

If you are having problems with your cancelation, please contact us directly at 304-293-5221 or