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Odyssey Packing List

EQUIPMENT FOR LOAN: Odyssey participants will automatically be issued a sleeping bag and sleeping pad, thus there is no need to request them in advance! RAIN JACKETS can be borrowed and must be reserved in advance via phone or email. 

BRING WARMER CLOTHING : It will be colder than you expect and you’ll end up dressing in layers!  The weather in our area can vary greatly and be chillier than expected, even in the summer. 

AVOID COTTON: Avoid cotton clothing as much as possible. Cotton does not keep you warm once it gets wet, which is a big deal when you’re in the outdoors. Please bring SYNTHETIC (polyester, fleece, wool, nylon, etc.) as much as is possible. Visit our Glossary of Terms for more information. 

CONSIDER BUYING USED OR BORROWING: When beginning to prepare for your trip, consider that not everything needs to be purchased new, nor do things have to have the latest and greatest brand names. Use what you have, borrow from a friend or family member, or visit a local thrift store or discount store!



1 pair of sturdy hiking boots (preferred) or sneakers


1 pair of additional closed-toe shoes (sneakers/Croc-like shoe) for wearing around camp and during down-time

*Note: Students will be required to wear closed-toe shoes for the majority of the program (except the water activities!)


1 pair of athletic sandals WITH A BACKSTRAP, water shoes, or old sneakers- for rafting


4-5 pairs of Socks- At least one pair should be synthetic.




Warm synthetic hat for chilly mornings/evenings


Sunglasses (optional)


Brimmed hat for sun protection (optional)


Neck Gaiter / "Buff" - many uses (optional)




3-5 T-shirts and/or tank-tops. At least 1 should be synthetic. (bring WVU shirts if you have them!)


2-3 long-sleeved shirts for warmth and sun protection. At least 1 should be synthetic.


1-2 warm long-sleeved, synthetic fleece/jacket/sweater. Do not bring a cotton hoodie!


1 pair thin synthetic gloves (optional)


Waterproof RAIN JACKET. Visit our Glossary of Terms to learn about what makes a jacket waterproof.

*Available to borrow from AWV – Call or email in advance to reserve! You'll need to reference your trip model and number when you call!




Underwear and sports bras, as needed. Synthetic is better than cotton.


2-3 pairs athletic shorts - avoid jean or other cotton shorts. Keep in mind you’ll be wearing a harness for various activities.


Compression shorts/spandex shorts (for use with a harness) (optional)


1-2 pairs synthetic long pants- ideally loose-fitting, comfortable for hiking, etc. Do not bring jeans or cotton sweatpants!


1 pair of long tights/spandex/long underwear to wear under other pants if it’s chilly.


Bathing Suit (or use athletic shorts/sports bra) to wear during rafting.


Waterproof rain pants (optional, but highly recommended) (see online for details)




18-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck (or similar) storage container. Please pack all of your gear except sleeping bag and sleeping pad, (both provided by AWV) in this container. It is important to have all the same size containers to pack easily in our trailers. Label it with your name and decorate it to make it your own!


Day pack- small book bag or backpack to carry essential items during the day. Do not bring a drawstring bag!


Sleeping bag- synthetic fill, 20-45 degrees

*Provided by AWV - no need to reserve in advance*


Sleeping pad

*Provided by AWV - no need to reserve in advance*


2 (1-quart) water bottles (durable, Nalgene-style bottles work best).


Headlamp with fresh batteries and extra batteries. LED lights strongly recommended.


Sturdy food container (plate or bowl), mug, and spoon or spork. You will use these to eat your meals- no glass!




Lip Balm (preferably with SPF)


Sunscreen & bug spray (optional- we also carry some with each trip)


Menstruation supplies (as needed)


Shower supplies + Towel (microfiber/quick-drying towel is strongly recommended)


Toothbrush & toothpaste


Hand sanitizer (travel-sized)


(If applicable) Glasses, contacts, contact solution, contacts case, travel mirror


Medications: If you regularly take any medications, you MUST bring them on the trip (be sure to list them on your form also)




Notebook/journal with pen to be used as your trip journal. This is required and will be graded.


Cash ($10-$15) for tipping your raft guide, and ($20-$60: optional) for possible souvenirs. Accessing an ATM on trip is not easy so we recommend that you bring cash.


Travel pillow 


Watch with alarm (recommended but not required)


Camera – digital or disposable (optional) - you will not be able to use a phone or ipod for photos on your trip!


1-2 Bandanas - many uses! (optional)


Crazy Creek chair (or similar) - please do not bring chairs with legs or that sit high off the ground.  (optional)


Extra utensils- plastic knife, spoon, fork, bowl, etc. (optional)


Snacks- AWV provides all food and snacks, but feel free to bring a small amount of something you really like.


  • Students are not allowed cell phones or any other electronics (including ipods, tablets, etc.) on First-Year Trips. The exception is a digital camera. Students will have the option to leave their cell phone with Adventure WV in a locked, secure space during the trip and will retrieve at the end of their trip. To better understand why cell phones are prohibited on trip, please read our Cell Phone Letter. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of students who have completed a First-Year Trip are overwhelmingly in favor of the “No Cell Phone” policy! 
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco (including ecigs/vapes), or weapons (this includes pocket knives). Bringing these items is grounds for dismissal from the trip with no refund, with possible university sanctions.
  • Anything not on the packing list! We will do a thorough gear check- simplicity and space saving is important with our programs! When you arrive, you may be asked to leave extraneous items behind in our locked, secure spaces.
  • Adventure WV will be providing other necessary group items, including food, transportation, and gear needed for each specific activity.
  • Bringing a phone, electronic, or other prohibited items on this program could result in a dismissal from the program.