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Zip-Line & Aerial Adventure High Rope Specialist

We have hired for our summer 2024 season!

Job Details

Job Description

  • This position specializes in the facilitation of guided zip-line canopy tour programs or high rope challenge course experiences at the WVU Outdoor Education Center.

  • Upon successful completion of training, staff will work a variety of programs scheduled at the WVU Outdoor Education Center. This position typically runs between May through November. Applicants can expect to work at height, and in various outdoor conditions.

  • During the summer, applicants can also expect to assist with Adventure WV First Year Trips, single day group development programs, custom group events and general public programming. This position provides part-time hours (between 20-30) throughout the summer with varied hours and position responsibilities, along with periodic work throughout the academic year.

  • Applicants will develop/practice a wide range of skills, including the management of technical challenge course and/or canopy tour systems, leadership, collaboration, and education. More specifically, applicants will assist with the management of groups, the facilitation of custom created programs, gain experience working in small leadership teams, learn more about experiential education and program delivery, develop their own individual leadership style, practice presenting to groups and experience the management of risk in an outdoor setting.

Duty and Responsibilities:

  • Safety and Supervision: Responsible for the safety of self, staff, and participants. Work will include the proper set up and take down of canopy course facilities as well as inspecting equipment and property, and documenting these inspections

  • Leadership and Planning: Guides must be able to work independently, be self-motivated, and be skilled with the empowerment of others. Able to deal calmly with stressful situations and people.

  • Physical: Programs take place in an outdoor, adventure orientated setting. Therefore, Level 1 Guides should have the ability to perform their required duties for extended periods of time while exposed to possible adverse conditions. 

  • Communication: Excellent communication skills are required. Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to both participants and other staff members. Ability to relate and work with diverse populations of participants.

  • Teamwork: Team oriented and dedicated to the goals set forth by the Adventure WV program. Works as a valuable team member with others in scheduling, facilitating, and operating the Adventure WV Canopy Tour.

  • Dependability: Responds to scheduling requests in a timely manner. Is reliable when scheduled. Arrives at facilitation site on time. Has reliable Transportation to and from facilitation site. Maintains a commitment to the success of the course. Follows local operating procedures.

Job Requirements

  • Has completed training equivalent to ACCT level 1 site specific certification (e.g. RPTR 325 - Challenge Course Facilitation or RPTR 326 - Canopy Tour Facilitation etc.)

  • Completion of new employee probationary period. Includes attending all staff meetings and periodic skill development days prior to full employment. 

  • Meets/maintains requirements for ACCT certification at Level I or higher.

    • Logs fifty hours of facilitation annually and

    • Retakes at least 20 hours of re-training annually and

    • Undergoes skills verification periodically throughout each program year.

  • Capable of performing all set-up/tear down responsibilities associated with activity facilitation.

  • Stays active by facilitating a minimum of 20 programming days annually.

  • Maintains a log of hours for facilitation, training, maintenance and/or other related activities.

  • Has a current First aid and CPR certification through a reputable organization

    • Can obtain through Adventure WV if necessary

  • Able to assist in a rescue and execute the emergency action plan.

  • Approved by the AWV OEC Management Team.

  • Minimum age 18

  • Has completed all mandated trainings as specified by the University and Adventure WV (e.g. Title IX, Youth Protection, etc.).

  • Ability to work varied hours outside of a normal workday (such as evenings, weekends, and holidays)


  • $10.00/hour starting wage

  • Professional development opportunities for any major or discipline

  • Opportunity to work with professional staff members and gain relevant skills and experience

  • Be a part of a supportive team

  • Optional to gain nationally recognized certifications in high rope and/or canopy tour facilitation



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