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WVU Refund Program

How to Use Your University Discount

  • All current WVU students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive a partial refund off their individual Canopy Tour purchase.  
  • This refunded amount will credit back ~40% off the individual amount. 
  • The WVU partial refund can only be applied toward current WVU students, faculty and staff, and does not extend to individuals unaffiliated with the university. Spouses, partners, alumni and dependents of current WVU students, faculty and staff are not eligible for this partial refund. 

How to Request Your WVU Status Refund:

  • Currently, individuals must first purchase their canopy tour spot at full price. Our registration system is not configured to accept partial discount codes at this time, thus no pre-purchase discount can be given. 
  • After the initial purchase at full price has been processed, current WVU students, faculty and staff are to contact Adventure WV and the WVU Outdoor Education Center via the email address below to initiate the partial refund process. Email is the preferred method of contact, as refund confirmations can be provided in writing.
  • Participants are asked to provide the following in their message to verify their WVU status and their refund eligibility. Refund eligibility spans all WVU campuses (HSC included). 
    • WVU Username
    • WVU ID
  • Refunds will be issued no later than 48 hours after purchase. Refunds may take up to 1 week to process. 

Use and Restrictions:

  • When applied, the partial refund will credit ~40% off an individual amount. This will not affect the pricing for non-WVU members, as their individual per person pricing will stay the same (full amount). 
  • The WVU discount can only be applied toward current WVU students, staff and faculty. Spouses, partners, alumni and dependents of current WVU students, faculty and staff are not eligible for this partial refund.
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Group Scheduling and Pricing:

  • For groups consisting of 4 WVU group members or more, group scheduling is suggested.
  • Group scheduling will allow for consistency with pricing, as the WVU discounted price can be arranged prior to purchase, thus eliminating the need to issue refunds. 
  • There are no additional charges or fees for private tour/group scheduling requests.  
  • Group Scheduling Request Form