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Seminars & Workshops

Adventure offers Seminars and Workshops for those looking to gain knowledge or deepen their skill sets. From our ever-popular pool kayak sessions to backpacking workshops, participants will leave workshops better prepared to tackle their own adventures.

Why Attend A Workshop?

  Attend our workshops and seminars to bridge the gap between guided trips and your own personal adventures. Also be sure to check out DIY Outdoors for location ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of workshops are there?

Pool kayaking, backpacking, menu planning, ski tuning, bike maintenance and more! Workshops happen on-campus unless otherwise indicated during the registration process. Workshops are usually about three hours long, but may be longer or shorter.

How do I sign up?

Visit the Registration Link above to see what is offered this semester and to register. You will need to sign in to register using your WVU Credentials.

What does it cost?

Cost varies from program to program and is usually around $10 - $20.

Who is eligible?

Workshops are open to all SRC members. Workshops are designed for WVU students as the primary audience. Sponsored guests may be able to attend at the discretion of Adventure WV management. For any workshop that takes place off campus, participants must meet the Essential Eligibility Criteria.

Do you have equipment? Can I use my own?

Adventure WV has all the equipment you’ll need unless otherwise noted during registration. You will receive information detailing what to bring after registration.

Who are the staff?

Typically Adventure WV Student staff who hold training and expertise in the workshop’s topic.

Are there other rules?

Visit the Roll Sessions page for more information about pool kayak programs.