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Management Links

Pre-Program and Monthly Inspection Forms

The WVU Outdoor Education Center currently utilizes iAuditor as its platform to create, complete and organize all pre-program and monthly inspection forms. 

- Username:
- Password: 1397chestnut

1. Pre-Course Inspection Form :
  • Mandatory pre-inspection form that must be completed prior to any element use. To be completed by Lead Facilitator/Course Manager - or by specifically designated staff.
2. Monthly Inspection Forms :
  • Forms to be completed by the OEC Management Team or specifically designated staff on a monthly or bi-monthly basis

Programmatic & Participant Log Forms

The following links are specific OEC program reporting and facility management:

1. WVU Zip-Line Canopy Tour Log   :
  • One survey submission for each tour ran. This means that if 4 tours run in a single day, 4 different submissions are to be completed and sent for documentation. 
  • A link is provided at the end of the survey so that a new form can be completed if necessary

2. WVU Challenge Course Program Log :
  • Like our canopy tour submission, one form is to be submitted for each program facilitated each day. This means that if 2 programs are ran on the same day, two different forms are to be submitted. 
  • Required for all online and other portable programs
  • A link is provided at the end of the survey so that a new form can be completed if necessary 

Program and Training End of Day Forms

  • Two forms for all end of day reports. One specific to programs. The other specific to training. 
  • Single day challenge & canopy can be reported alongside combo programs.
  • If a course manager is on duty, and responsible for multiple events, programs can be consolidated into a single report for efficiency.
  • Otherwise, if programs are running independently without a course manager, they are to complete a end of day form specific to their event only. 

  • Form specific to all training events related to OEC operations
  • To be used for return and new staff training
  • Lesson plans and agendas can be uploaded along with class rosters and content
  • Text fields are available to enter new staff names. 
  • Helps track training hours and total content covered. 

Overnight Manager Pre-Day & End of Day Forms:

  • Form to be completed by the Overnight Manager. 
  • Has options for either End of Day reporting or Beginning of Day reporting
    • End of Day reporting should occur just prior to "lights-out", and is all encompassing of facility closure procedures
    • Beginning of Day reporting should occur just prior to the start of each program day. 

OEC Feedback Forms:

The following forms are to be sent upon the completion of either program or student staff training events. 
  1. OEC Student Staff Training Form
  • Sent to all registered student staff once the training event has concluded. Should be sent no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event. 
  • OEC Program Program Feedback Form
    • Sent once the program has concluded. For group program, this is sent to the main program contact. For open enrollment programs, to be sent to each registered participant. 
    • Preferably, all OEC feedback messages are to be sent via the email template saved on the Adventure WV N-Drive
      • N:\SL-Adventure WV\Common\OEC\Program Logistics\Emails

    Participant Forms and Program Packets: