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Tess Janson - Program Support & Outdoor Rec Center


Tess Janson graduated from WVU in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation.  During her undergrad she worked in various Adventure positions including climbing site manager, first year trip leader and program support staff.  Tess states, “I give credit to Adventure WV for getting me back on the right path during undergrad when I was struggling to find my place as a lost student.”  She looks forward to inspiring & guiding students who may be facing similar experiences in their undergrad.   

Post grad, Tess set west to become a Wildland Firefighter.  She became a Fire Apprentice for the US Forest Service in Oregon, traveling to fight wildfires on a variety of crews all over the country.  Currently she is studying for her Master of Social Work and is the Program Support Staff Rental Operations Graduate Assistant for Adventure WV.  With dreams of returning to fire and be part of the mental health movement for first responders, Tess is thrilled to be back & looks forward to the adventures ahead!