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Deckers Creek Shuttle

General Shuttle Details

  • This program includes a shuttle from the Morgantown Adventure Outfitters location to the Masontown trailhead of the Deckers Creek Rail-Trail. 
  • Participants will have the option of renting a bike from Morgantown Adventure Outfitters, or bringing their own bike.
  • Participants renting bikes will be given 2 hours from the points of drop off to ride the 13-miles back to the Morgantown Adventure Outfitter location. The average ride time for this section of trail is just over 1 hour and 15 minutes. 
  • All rented bikes must be returned to the Morgantown Adventure Outfitter location upon completion of each participants ride.
  • Participants must also complete a rental agreement prior to usage. 
  • All programs will begin at the Morgantown Adventure Outfitters location. Parking is available at our facility. 

What is the price, and how do I regster?

  • Participants can visit our online registration site to secure their spot on any upcoming shuttle date
  • The base price is $40.00 per person, and includes both a shuttle and bike rental. For shuttle only (rental bike not included), the per person rate is set at $20.00
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What is the trail like? What can I expect?

  • The trail begins as a compacted limestone surface. Within Morgantown, the trail is paved. 
  • There is roughly 1000 feet of elevation loss between the Masontown Trailhead and the Morgantown Adventure Outfitters location. This means most of your experience will be going downhill. 
  • The trail itself can be considered beginner friendly, but the distance between the drop off location and our Morgantown Adventure Outfitter facility should be noted. Overall, it will be a 13 mile one way trip between locations. Portions of the trail, while scenic, are also very remote. 
  • Considering the distance and trail setting - this shuttle service is best suited for for adults and older children.
  • For additional information about the Deckers Creek Rail Trail, visit the Mon River Trails Conservancy website.  

What should I bring?

  • We highly recommend bringing the following in a small daypack:
    • Sunscreen
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Cell phone
    • An extra layer and/or rain jacket
  • Closed toe-shoes are also highly recommended
  • Each participant will be given a small map prior to beginning their ride back to the Morgantown Adventure Outfitter location. 

Where can I find the Morgantown Adventure Outfitter Location?

  • Physical Address: 10 Walnut Street, Morgantown, WV 26505
  • Parking : Parking is available just in front of the Morgantown Adventure Outfitter facility. 
  • Phone Number: 304-293-7407
  • Email:

Have additional questions?

Who can participate in these shuttle programs?

  • Everyone! Although this option is best suited for adults or older children, no restrictions with participation are currently in place.  

Can I schedule a shuttle outside the regular set shuttle dates?

  • Requests for shuttle can be made by emailing
  • Private shuttle requests will be taken on a case by base basis, and are contingent on staffing and transportion vehicle avilability.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

What if I damage or lose the equipment? 

  • If the equi pment is returned damaged, users will be subject to a repair fee. If an item is lost or destroyed, a replacement fee will be charged.

What if I'm having issues returning my equipment, or run the risk of returning after closing?
  • Users should contact Morgantown Adventure Outfitters if they believe they'll have an issue returning their gear.